What Can Naturally Heal Your Leaky Gut?

Did you know that feeling irritable, having migraines, suffering from eczema, chronic fatigue, and other similar conditions can be part of an autoimmune response? What’s more, it can be caused by having a leaky gut.

A leaky gut, known as intestinal permeability, means you have a damaged small intestine. As a result, undigested food and toxins leak into your bloodstream, causing the symptoms above. It’s common, but it’s not something with which you have to live. Here is what can naturally heal your leaky gut.

Stop Eating Gluten

Gluten pierces holes in your stomach lining while raising your hormone levels at the same time. It increases your risk of leaky gut. Cut it out and feel better for it.


Start the healing process is by fasting, eating nothing but bone broth for 2-3 days. Fasting gives your digestive tract a break, enabling it to heal itself and stop toxins from leaking.

Eat Clean

While you’re cutting out gluten, you may also find benefit in cutting out all “bad” foods and eating clean. Include plenty of good fats, fish, vegetables, and nuts in your diet. The cleaner you eat, the less irritated your small intestine will be.

Sleep Well

It might seem strange to think that a decent night’s sleep can stop your gut from leaking, but it’s the truth. When you sleep well, your body can repair itself far quicker. The more shuteye you get, the faster your intestine can recover.

There are many things you can do to heal your leaky gut naturally, but many people immediately turn to drugs for the solution. While seeing your doctor is an excellent first step, ask them whether eating cleanly, avoiding gluten and fasting can all help to treat your leaky gut for good.

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